Testimonial from American School


Hello Christina

Nice that you find time to view the photos regarding my invitation trip to Holy Land on the 15th Sept 2012.

As a matter of fact, no regret travelling with Mr.Pius Fernandez of the Holyland Travel Tour. His contact is 81137616 and email address is fernandezpios@hotmail.com.

Yes I agreed there are many travel agents doing tour to Holy Land but this Mr Pius is something that you will never forget and never regret travelling with them.

Words does not tell much but you will experience what you seek for.

My regards and God Bless

Richard Ong


Judy Low

To Fernandez Pius

From: Judy Low
Sent: 02 November 2012 08: 00AM
To: Fernandez Pius (fernandezpius@hotmail.com)

Hi Pius,

Apologies for this long overdue feedback as I wanted to provide it thoughtfully.

Overall, it was a well-organized tour and I still feel very blessed that we had a fantastic spiritual director, Msg Vaz, a caring tour leader in you, knowledgeable yet genuinely concerned tour guides in Jordan (John), Israel (Abed) and Egypt (Mona), a wonderful group of pilgrims and a smooth journey throughout.

It was a bit rushed but I understand the tight schedule ensured we covered the key sites. I appreciated that the tour package included tips for the guides and drivers as well as your provision of the prayer and song books. Emirates was a good airline and many of the hotels were comfortable. The food was salty for some of our meals but that could be due to the healthier S’porean palate :).


I think you already know which hotels could be better: Amman (Days Inn? it is ok except our room, closest to the entrance, was noisy until quite late); Eilat (ok except run-down furniture); Sinai (mosquitoes at Morganland – how about the guesthouse at the foot of Mt Sinai next to St Catherine’s monastery?)


- the lunch in Amman (1st restaurant I think), Bethlehem (with the kebabs except for the liver) and Dahab were great.


Grateful that you included the cable-car to Mt of Temptations and for some of us, a visit to the Quarantal monastery at the top! Other memorable and significant times for me were:

- saying Our Father with our group holding hands at Pater Noster

- reflecting on Psalm 88 in the dungeon where Jesus spent Maundy Thursday at the house of Caiphas

- doing the Via Dolorosa early in the morning, away from the crowds and shops so we could focus on the Way of the Cross (also how Abed got us ahead of the crowds at Nativity Church)

- singing at St Anne’s Church & Church of Dormition (that’s where a statue of Mother Mary lay right?)

- celebrating mass at biblically significant sites eg Mt of Beatitudes, Mt Tabor, Dominus Flevit, Bethany

- having the couples in our group renew their vows at Cana

- my climb up Mt Sinai

Considerations for future:

- possible to renew baptismal vows at River Jordan?

- more time at Dead Sea (too rush to have a dip, shower in less than a couple of hours with lunch)

- include biblical (or apparition-related) sites in Cairo? Stopover at Red Sea?

- less time for non-biblical places eg Caesarea, Bahai Temple, although worth a stopover

- less time at Diamond factory

- have two types of pilgrimages: one (like the one we went through) for first-timers, another for return pilgrims (more time at each site, fewer days)?

I know several of our group felt the bus ride from Sinai to Cairo was laborious. I don’t know if there’s any other way to shorten or break it up but it was still worth the visit because of the climb up Mt Sinai!

I’ll also put some of my positive feedback on your Facebook page.

Let me know if any part requires clarification.

Thanks again and God bless,



Sent: 13 October 2012 03: 17AM
To: ‘Fernandez Pius’ (fernandezpius@hotmail.com)

Dear Mr Fernandez,

Sorry for this late response – was knocked out by a cold on the first weekend back, recovered quick enough and then started an intensive teaching run – back to reality!

I haven’t had time yet to visit the HolyLand fb page but thought I’ll just drop you an email to give you some feedback. My mother and I thought it was an excellent trip – superbly co-ordinated and we were well looked after all through. And not only that, we got on so well as a group and best of all we all laughed a lot. And on top of that we’re truly blessed with Msg Vaz on board contextualizing and anchoring our daily mass and prayers in the biblical history of each place we were at. Also very grateful for the excellent guides at all three places – very knowledgeable – I’m sp impressed by Habib’s (sp??) historical & biblical accounts and attention to details – really appreciate that he could schedule in so many stops from the north to the south of Israel in just a week. In that sense it was a bit of a whirlwind but we did get fantastic coverage of all the key sites and so it was somewhat overwhelming because we were taking in so much in such a short time. Not sure about the rest of the group but for me I thought it would have been useful if we had leaflets of the sites to anchor the information and as a reference later on (or perhaps it’s because I’m a visual learner?!). Also very appreciative of the guides’ help at the border crossings.

My mother and I have no complaints at all – food was great all through – totally spoilt for choice – couldn’t believe the amazing spread everywhere (I love middle eastern food – in fact I’m so glad we didn’t go all that way to end up eating Chinese Israeli food! Hotel rooms were all good – our night’s stay at St Catherine’s was fine too (me seasoned backpacker la but even for my mother too).

The only thing we thought could have been more helpful and it’s a minor point – the trip briefing could have been a bit more informative – some more concrete guidelines perhaps sp regarding weather.

Whoops…I didn’t expect to be writing so much … anyway, the short of it, Mr Fernandez, great company, great guides and guiding, great authentic local makan and hotels, smooth and safe passage all through – this is one case where God didn’t give Murphy a chance to mess up anything !!! BUT I hope YOU also enjoyed the trip.

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful tour. I’m really glad I chose to travel with you/Holyland and the group.

Have a great weekend!

All the best,


Apologies for this long overdue feedback as I wanted to provide it thoughtfully.

Testimonial from Richard Ong

11th. OCT, 2012

Dear Fernandez Pius,

I write to thank you for including Monica and myself to the recent 14 days Catholic Pilgrimage.
It was indeed an experiences that the Bible has comes alive.
The journey we have had were very enriching.
That makes the Bible alive and it has been a very good Soul searching and Soul cleansing.
I also wish to thank my Lord and my God and Blessed Mother Mary for the grace to allow us to visit and to journey to the Holy Land.

May God Bless you and your family.

Yours faithfully
Richard Ong

Testimonial from Dorothy Dcruz

Sent: 10 October 2012 05: 45am
To: Pius Fernandez (fernandezpius@hotmail.com)
Cc: Judy Low (judyalow@gmail.com)

Dear Pius,

Sorry for the delay in replying as just managed to clear all the outstanding work.

Thanks for your hard work in making this pilgrimage a worthwhile journey.

I must give due credit to the tour guides in Jordan and Israel. They were excellent and knew their stuff. We were totally immersed in history and teaching of the church. Like the saying goes “The bible came alive”

I was not so impressed with Egypt however Mona was very knowledgeable with everything about Egypt.
By then i wasn’t absorbing any info that Mona was rattling. Poor thing!!

Most of all I am grateful to God for giving us a wonderful spiritual director MSG Vaz for his prayers, inspiring homilies, listening ear and sense of humor.

Grateful for the lovely friends I have made as we all have one common goal – to forgive and love one another in Jesus name.

May God continue to bless your good work

Dorothy Dcruz

Testimonial from Mdm Chellathai

From:Jes Das
Sent: 04 October 2009 08: 50am
To: Fernandez Pius (fernandezpius@hotmail.com)

Dear Mr Pius,

Pardon the delay in emailing u this testimonial on behalf of my mother-in-law, Chellathai R Tasari.

My mother-in-law wishes to express her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the excellent service rendered by u and ur counter part in India. Everything was smooth sailing and their assigned tour guide received accolades from all three of them for his patience and efficiency.

“This is the 3rd trip Holyland Travel has arranged for her. Meticuluously planned and well-organized, they had hassle-free trip to North India. Services rendered exceeded our expectations!”

Thank u very much for making their trip a memorable one. :)

Thank u
Jes Das

Testimonial from Elizabeth Tobias

From: Elizabeth Tobias (et_tobias@hotmail.com)
Sent: 01 October 2008 15: 27PM
To: Fernandez Pius (fernandezpius@hotmail.com)

Dear Mr Pius, Christopher, Mr Sunil,

My daughter n I would like to say a big “thank you” for the very enjoyable n awesome trip to Kerala.

We were initially rather skeptical because of the contradictory views we were receiving when we first planned the trip, but to our amazement it turned out to be a holiday we will always cherish because of the wonderful friends we made and simply breathtaking places we visited. We had a fantastic driver n guide in our driver MrSaji ever so accommodating and gracious and the staff in the hotels were superb. Special mention must be made of the Rainforest n Spice Hotel who went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

As i mentioned to all our friends in Kerala we will definitely be back n this time with a bigger entourage as we have been promoting Kerala n Holyland Tours to family n friends.

Thanks again N God Bless

Elizabeth & Mary :)

Testimonial from Cheang Juliana

From: Cheang Juliana (juliana_1240@hotmail.com)
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 3:08:22 PM
To: fernandezpius@hotmail.com

Hi Mr Pius,

I apologies for not writing sooner. However I must tell you that it had been a good and fruitful trip. Most of all the Lord protects us on our journey and also with your good service hence make this trip a memorable one. Bearing in mind that it is not easy to take care of so many people yet you pull it off.

Overall your two tour guides did a good job and also you are there to oversee things. I am so glad that I came and it’s really an eye opener how difficult life for them yet we are complaining with the small stuff. Nevertheless give yourself a pat on the back you did a good job and most of us enjoyed the trip and least of all no complaints.

I pray that all your future trips will be as successful as this one and once again thank you for making this trip so good and memorable one.

You have a good service keep it up and all the best. God Bless.

Warmest Regards

Testimonial from Jennette

October 23, 2007
Holyland Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
189 Selegie Road
#02-09 Selegie Center,
Singapore 188332

Dear Sirs,

Our heartfelt gratitude to Staff & Management of Holyland Travel and Tours for the outrageous services provided during our stay in Singapore. We never had experienced such travel assistances that ensured a smooth and hassle-free tour on our arrival and departure in Singapore. We were provided with expert, competent and friendly guide, who delivered personalized itineraries which allowed us to visit many sites and surprising places.

In addition to this, we would like also to thank Holyland Travel and Tours’ – EMSUNIT, headed by Mr. Gerard Christopher for the immediate care given to my Aunt during our return trip from our vacation in Malaysia to Singapore, where she was involved in a minor accident at the North South Highway. I called Holyland Travel and Tours for help and they transferred me to their EMSUNIT team who in turn rendered their assistance to us. Her medical condition was assessed by their well-trained team at the site and we were evacuated from the site of the accident to a well-equipped medical facility in Singapore. She was brought to the Singapore General Hospital in a quickest and safest means of transportation.

The experience was so overwhelming for us from the time of the accident to the time we were brought back to our hotel safely by your medical team.We would like to specifically thank Jomarie the Nurse and Mr. ABDollah the Ambulance Pilot, for their professional service rendered to us.

From these events, your company had shown dedication beyond professionalism. We are forever grateful to you and your staff. More power and God bless!

Yours sincerely,
Jeanette R. Silvero, RMT
Paranaque City, Philippines 1700

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